The trendiest Asian fast-casual chain expands operations with the opening of it’s 6th branch

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: WOK BOYZ, a renowned street style Asian food concept, is delighted to announce the opening of its newest location in Mirdif City Centre. Strategically situated in the north food court, WOK BOYZ brings its trendy and vibrant street style Asian food to residents in the area.

With a legacy of six successful years in the UAE, WOK BOYZ has become a household name since its inception as a homegrown brand in 2017. The brand's popularity has led to its expansion, driven by a commitment to serve delicious Asian inspired cuisine and showcasing the theatrics of WOK cooking LIVE at all its outlets. At WOK BOYZ, its immersive dining experience lies in live cooking stations in an open kitchen setting, adorned with street-style decorations. This concept allows customers to truly embrace the authentic ambiance of walking through the bustling streets of Asia.

While maintaining the efficiency of a fast-casual concept, WOK BOYZ sets itself apart by offering fully customizable orders to cater to individual preferences. Customers can personalize their meals and witness the theatrics of fired wok cooking as its skilled chefs prepare dishes in traditional woks, ensuring authenticity in every bite.

By celebrating the diverse and unique umami flavours of Far East Asia, WOK BOYZ also presents signature street dishes such as spicy Korean wings, Pad Thai, Hakka Noodles, and Ramen amongst others. To mark the new launch, WOK BOYZ has an exciting new addition – Bubble Tea. This delightful beverage now joins the lineup of WOK BOYZ's fundamental offerings and is poised to captivate the younger crowd with its irresistible charm!

Gaurav Sabharwal, CEO of WOK BOYZ, expressed the brand's commitment to preserving the essence of Asian culinary street culture. "Our food reflects the vibrant flavours found in the lively street stalls and markets of Far-East Asia. As we grow, it is crucial to stay true to our brand's foundations and at WOK BOYZ, we will always provide a rapid Asian fusion experience, where dishes are cooked fresh in front of our customers and customized to their preferences. The new location in Mirdif will stand true to all of these offerings and more.

Ahead of this store opening, WOK BOYZ has ambitious plans for expansion. Following a successful introduction in Ghana last year, the brand is preparing to enter new markets in the second half of 2023. With additional franchise agreements already secured in international markets, WOK BOYZ is poised to bring its delectable flavours and unique concept to audiences across various regions, further solidifying its position as a prominent player in the Asian cuisine fast-casual market.

WOK BOYZ currently has branches in Dubai at these locations: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Internet City, Delivery Kitchen in Motor City and now at Mirdif City Centre.

For more information, call WOK BOYZ on 600–500-WOK



WOK BOYZ has gained significant recognition in Dubai's culinary scene for its genuine tastes inspired by the streets of the Far East. The concept was conceived by a passionate food enthusiast with the goal of blending authentic Far Eastern flavors with an urban setting. By offering customers the freedom and control to customize their wok dishes, both foodies and wok enthusiasts can curate their own unique dining experience. With a selection of fresh vegetables, proteins, sauces, and toppings, WOK BOYZ empowers diners to personalize their meals to their liking. Additionally, the restaurant cultivates a trendy and vibrant atmosphere, featuring eye-catching graffiti murals that are perfect for Instagram-worthy moments.